Table of Contents

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Chapter Topics Additional Information
Chapter 1: Oral language  
Talk, talk, talk Get the kids talking
Playing with words Lists of words - and so much more
Focus on poetry Who's your favorite poet?
Expanding your child's vocabulary  
Family stories Fun with stories
Figures of speech Playing with figures of speech
Memorizing leads to reading and writing  
Phonemic awareness Phonemic awareness is portable
Sound manipulation  
Chapter 2: Reading  
How do they know what they know? Books!  
Becoming lifelong readers  
Labeling everyday objects Caldecott & Newbery Awards
Reading to your child Concepts about print
Reading with your child  
Read-aloud tips and book selection Predictable books
Helping emergent readers Invaluable books for parents
Elaborate when reading Look-and-find books
Anticipating meaning  
Four kinds of reading  
They can read what they can sing Songs that are books
Literary references Try your hand
The collector instinct applies to books Favorite collectible prolific authors
Freedom of choice  
Wordless books Some titles you may enjoy
Books don't have to be expensive The importance of that library visit
Chapter books Popular authors
Books on tape  
Book links  
National Children's Book Week is in November  
Reading the newspaper  
Reading during the summer  
Chapter 3: Writing  
Getting ready to write  
Spelling Ways to practice writing Kindergarten and first grade spelling lists
Rimes List of 37 rimes
Types of writing  
The writing process Proofreading checklist
Family pen pals Keeping in touch
Valentines: an example of authentic writing Making & writing your own books
Summer scrapbook  
Manuscript alphabet The 100 words most frequently used in writing, in their order of frequency
Chapter 4: Math  
Noticing numbers  
Math vocabulary  
Money jar Using the money jar
Number pairs and triads Using a calculator
Telling time  
Learning math through literature Tools for learning math
Principles and standards of school mathematics  
Chapter 5: Science  
Science is everywhere The importance of science books for boys
Vocabulary of the five senses Increase your vocabulary
Figuring out how the world is made A game for thinking - 20 questions
Weather Weather words
Changing the clocks in the spring and fall  
Families in nature  
How things work Books that show how
Happy Earth Day to you! An Earth Day book to use all year
Reduce, reuse, recycle Recycling crayons
Chapter 6: Social Studies  
Diversity in people  
Teaching tolerance Books for children and parents
Your world is not the world  
You're a cultural anthropologist! If you can't travel, look at books
"Happy new year" around the world  
Time capsule  
Behind the scenes  
Geography Geography terms
Geography through music Traveling music
Whose name is that?  
The meanings of holidays A story for each day
Columbus Day and history  
Black History Month Great books all year
Women's History Month  
Chapter 7: Creative Expression  
The importance of the arts Creating your own art studio at home
Music is...  
Experiencing the arts in person  
Responding to your child's art Why not create your own art gallery?
Recipes for fun Fingerpaint, playdough


Chapter 8: Shaping attitudes  
Open-ended questions Books with questions and conversation-starters
Sharing your thinking  
In touch with the learning process  
Equal opportunities for both sexes  
Family mission statement Help from an expert
Including children in solving family problems  
What we call our kids Words have an impact
What you say about work  
You're going to college! Plans for saving
Teaching gratitude Sharing thoughts about gratitude
Limiting television and movies Moving away from the TV
Some thoughts about computers  
Chapter 9: Responsibility  
Setting limits Help from an expert
Teaching responsibility  
Giving and keeping your word  
Taking responsibility for your mistakes  
Jobs around the house Ideas for every age
Organized for success There's help if you need it
Clothing sends a message  
Chapter 10: Cooperation with others  
Teaching about caring  
Good manners Help has arrived!
Resolving conflicts  
Community service  
Chapter 11: Physical wellbeing  
Let's get physical  
The importance of breakfast  
Hygiene and cleanliness  
The effects of diet Research about the link between
diet and behavior
Halloween candy and safety  
Parental wisdom  
Chapter 12: Parent involvement in education  
The school-home connection  
Responsibilities schools have toward families  
Responsibilities families have toward schools  
Setting goals for the new school year  
Take your parents to school day  
Assessing your child's progress  
Celebrating accomplishments  
Preparing for summer  
Summertime learning activities  
Kindergarten readiness  
What the kindergarten teacher may look for  
What the first grade teacher may look for  
Multiple Intelligences Reading more about Multiple Intelligences
Is this "accountability"?  
National something-or-other month  
Afterward: When we care for children...