Teach Your Children Well - Second Edition available

        I have now been writing Teacher Talk for three yours. This is the 150th column. Most rewarding have been the people who have told me that they have cut out, posted, copied, and sent my column to other people. I have lost track of the times I have heard people say something like, "I saw your column on my motherís refrigerator" or "I mailed your column to my sister."

        Almost a year ago, with 100 columns under my belt, I announced the publication of Teach Your Children Well. It was printed in a small edition, which allowed me to distribute copies to teachers and parents for their perusal, so they could get back to me with suggestions for ways to improve the content.

        During the last year, I have been revising the first edition. Now the second edition is available, with 36 pages more than in the first, as well as new and expanded references for families to use with their children.

        The 183-page book has twelve chapters and is divided into two parts. Part one emphasizes skills and includes the curriculum areas of oral language, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and creative expression. Part two focuses on values that are important for parents to teach to their young people, including shaping attitudes, responsibility, cooperation with others, physical wellbeing, and, finally, parent involvement in education.

        There are several features of the book that have garnered compliments from readers of the first edition:

        * The ideas are easy to implement, with no need for families to make expensive purchases.

        * There are many wonderful lists for parents to use, including books about specific topics, weather words, geography words, words that kindergarteners and first-graders should be able to learn how to spell, and resources for further information.

        * One can open to almost any page, get an idea, and start using it right away.

        A final benefit has been the result of my thoughts about how I can be of service to society. It has led me to make the public statement in the second edition that half of all profits earned from sales will be donated to organizations that benefit children and their families.

This column has been incorporated and expanded in Teach Your Children Well: A Teacherís  Advice for Parents.

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