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Date Title Subject
10.3.2002 Learning styles, part 3: kinesthetic/tactile thinking & lifelong learning
9.26.2002 Learning styles, part 2: visual thinking & lifelong learning
9.19.2002 Learning styles, part 1: auditory thinking & lifelong learning
9.12.2002 Reader reply about cooperative learning cooperation with others
9.5.2002 Back to school, part 2 parent involvement
8.29.2002 Back to school, part 1 responsibility
8.15.2002 Setting an example with food health and diet
8.8.2002 Teacher Talkís 200th column self-promotion
8.1.2002 Feeling connected parent involvement
7.25.2002 Kindergarten readiness parent involvement
7.18.2002 Math to go math
7.11.2002 Focus on Geography social studies
7.4.2002 Declaration of Interdependence social studies
6.27.2002 Itís summer: time to break the rules attitude
6.20.2002 Celebrating the end of school responsibility
6.13.2002 Library summer reading program reading
6.6.2002 Teaching vocabulary to children, part 2 reading and oral language
5.30.2002 Teaching vocabulary to children, part 1 reading and oral language
5.23.2002 The value of measuring math
5.16.2002 K - W - L reading
5.9.2002 Shifting priorities: from responsibility to happiness, part 2 cooperation with others
5.2.2002 Shifting priorities: from responsibility to happiness, part 1 cooperation with others
4.25.2002 TV-Turnoff Week, part 3 attitude
4.18.2002 TV-Turnoff Week, part 2 attitude
4.11.2002 TV-Turnoff Week, part 1 attitude
4.4.2002 Spring and planting go together science
3.28.2002 April is National Poetry Month oral language
3.21.2002 First day of spring and the new year social studies
3.14.2002 Itís an early spring! science
3.7.2002 March is Womenís History Month social studies
2.28.2002 Homework parent involvement
2.21.2002 Presidents' Day social studies
2.14.2002 What to do with those Valentines reading
2.7.2002 Black History Month 2002 social studies
1.31.2002 Ten dimes and ten pennies math
1.24.2002 Question from a reader: the 100th day of school math
1.17.2002 Family pen pals writing
1.10.2002 Reading tips for parents of middle-schoolers reading
1.3.2002 That pesky apostrophe writing
12.27.2001 Question from a reader: making resolutions attitude
12.20.2001 Question from a reader: cooperative learning, part 2 cooperation with others
12.13.2001 Question from a reader: cooperative learning, part 1 cooperation with others
12.6.2001 Buying books as gifts reading
11.29.2001 Question from a reader: peace thinking & lifelong learning
11.16.2001 Thanksgiving 2001: thoughts about gratitude responsibility
11.8.2001 Question from a reader: PTA fundraising local issues
11.1.2001 Question from a reader: parent involvement parent involvement
10.25.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 8 thinking & lifelong learning
10.18.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 7 thinking & lifelong learning
10.11.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 6 thinking & lifelong learning
10.4.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 5 thinking & lifelong learning
9.27.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 4 thinking & lifelong learning
9.20.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 3 thinking & lifelong learning
9.13.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 2 thinking & lifelong learning
9.06.2001 Multiple Intelligences, part 1 thinking & lifelong learning
8.30.2001 Thoughts about giving cooperation with others
8.24.2001 Back to school, part 3 parent involvement
8.16.2001 Back to school, part 2 parent involvement
8.9.2001 Back to school, part 1 parent involvement
8.2.2001 Teach Your Children Well - Second Edition available self-promotion
7.26.2001 Geography awareness social studies
7.18.2001 Vocabulary words - jargon oral language
7.12.2001 Getting ready for kindergarten parent involvement
7.5.2001 California AIDS Ride and community service, part 2 cooperation with others
6.28.2001 California AIDS Ride and community service, part 1 cooperation with others
6.21.2001 The Tipping Point, part 2 attitude
6.14.2001 The Tipping Point, part 1 attitude
6.7.2001 Organized for success - part 3 responsibility
5.31.2001 Organized for success - part 2 responsibility
5.24.2001 Organized for success - part 1 responsibility
5.17.2001 The effects of diet health and diet
5.10.2001 Music is...

creative expression

5.3.2001 Your familyís weekly library visit


4.26.2001 Open studios 2001 creative expression
4.19.2001 National TV-Turnoff Week attitude
4.12.2001 Tolerance social studies
4.5.2001 Learning math through literature math
3.29.2001 Your world is not the world social studies
3.22.2001 How to get going with your familyís mission statement attitude
3.15.2001 The Family Mission Statement attitude
3.8.2001 Take Your Parents to School Day parent involvement
3.1.2001 Accountability through test scores??????? thinking and lifelong learning
2.22.2001 Sound manipulation - part 3 oral language
2.15.2001 Sound manipulation - part 2 oral language
2.8.2001 Sound manipulation - part 1 oral language
2.1.2001 A look behind the scenes social studies
1.25.2001 Math standards and principles, part 10: Representation Standard math
1.18.2001 Math standards and principles, part 9: Connections Standard math
1.11.2001 Math standards and principles, part  8: Communication Standard math
1.4.2001 Math standards and principles, part 7: Reasoning and Proof Standard math
12.27.2000 Math standards and principles, part 6: Problem Solving Standard math
12.21.2000 Math standards and principles, part 5: Data Analysis and Probability Standard math
12.14.2000 Math standards and principles, part 4: Measurement Standard math
12.7.2000 Math standards and principles, part 3: Geometry Standard math
11.30.2000 Math standards and principles, part 2: Algebra math
11.16.2000 Math standards and principles, 
part 1: Numeration
11.9.2000 Figuring out how the world is made science
11.2.2000 Sources for cheap books reading
10.24.2000 Halloween candy and safety health and safety
10.19.2000 When We Care for Children opinion
10.12.2000 Columbus Day and history social studies
10.5.2000 Books on tape reading
9.28.2000 Voting social studies
9.21.2000 Hygiene and cleanliness health and diet
9.14.2000 Proofreading checklist writing
9.7.2000 Four kinds of reading reading
8.31.2000 Math vocabulary math
8.24.2000 Setting goals for the new school year responsibility
8.17.2000 Parental wisdom parent involvement
8.10.2000 Teacher Talk's 100th column self-promotion
8.3.2000 Multiple Intelligences, part 2 thinking and lifelong learning
7.27.2000 Multiple Intelligences, part 1 thinking and lifelong learning
7.20.2000 The joy of chapter books reading
7.13.2000 You're a cultural anthropologist! social studies
7.6.2000 Phonemic awareness oral language
6.29.2000 Science all around us science
6.22.2000 Summer reading reading
6.15.2000 Celebrating school achievements responsibility
6.8.2000 Expanding vocabulary oral language
6.1.2000 Keeping skills sharp during summer, part 2 parent involvement
5.25.2000 Keeping skills sharp during summer, part 1 parent involvement
5.18.2000 The importance of the creative arts, part 3 creative expression
5.11.2000 The importance of the creative arts, part 2 creative expression
5.4.2000 The importance of the creative arts, part 1 creative expression
4.27.2000 Rimes writing
4.20.2000 Number pairs and triads math
4.13.2000 Don't just sound it out when reading reading
4.6.2000 Teaching technology at home science
3.30.2000 Family stories oral language
3.23.2000 The importance of oral language oral language
3.16.2000 Volunteering cooperation with others
3.9.2000 Invented or temporary spelling writing
3.2.2000 Women's History Month social studies
2.24.2000 Patterns in math math
2.17.2000 Elaboration as a reading technique reading
2.10.2000 Saving for college parent involvement
2.3.2000 Black History Month social studies
1.27.2000 Clothes send a message responsibility
1.20.2000 Songs help teach reading reading
1.13.2000 The meaning behind holidays social studies
1.6.2000 Literary references reading
12.30.2000 Explain your thinking thinking and oral language
12.23.1999 Figures of speech oral language
12.16.1999 Writing letters to family members writing
12.9.1999 Attitude about work thinking and lifelong learning
12.2.1999 Geography social studies
11.18.1999 Thanksgiving teaches gratitude responsibility
11.11.1999 National Children's Book Week reading
11.4.1999 The importance of having books at home reading
10.28.1999 Changing clocks when time changes science
10.21.1999 Keeping your word responsibility
10.14.1999 Second Chance Week - recycling science
10.7.1999 Resolving conflicts cooperation with others
9.30.1999 Using coins in counting lessons math
9.23.1999 Activities to strengthen fingers writing
9.18.1999 Probability math
9.11.1999 Teaching about caring responsibility
9.2.1999 Setting goals for a new school year responsibility
8.26.1999 Get involved this year parent involvement
8.19.1999 Reading aloud reading
8.12.1999 Making a time capsule social studies
8.5.1999 Asking questions thinking and lifelong learning
7.29.1999 Explore creativity with finger paint creative expression
7.15.1999 Getting organized responsibility
7.8.1999 Remembering the learning process thinking and lifelong learning
7.1.1999 Good manners cooperation with others
6.24.1999 Making a scrapbook writing
6.17.1999 Reading during the summer reading
6.10.1999 Celebrating progress in school responsibility
6.3.1999 Evaluating school progress parent involvement
5.27.1999 Newspapers as a learning tool reading
5.20.1999 Names behind local sites social studies
5.13.1999 Measuring math
5.6.1999 Taking on responsibility responsibility
4.29.1999 Book links reading
4.22.1999 Earth Day 1999 science
4.15.1999 National TV-Turnoff Week attitude
4.8.1999 Families in nature science
4.1.1999 National Poetry Month listening skills
3.25.1999 Parent-school partnership, part 2 parent involvement
3.18.1999 Parent-school partnership, part 1 parent involvement
3.11.1999 The collector instinct applies to books reading
3.4.1999 The wonder and importance of plants science
2.25.1999 Setting limits responsibility
2.18.1999 Helping kids tell and count time math
2.11.1999 Let children choose their books reading
2.4.1999 Making valentines yourself writing
1.28.1999 The importance of breakfast health and diet
1.21.1999 Displaying your child's art creative expression
1.14.1999 Calendars teach time progress math
1.7.1999 Talk about how things work science
12.31.1998 Accepting differences in others social studies
12.24.1998 Becoming lifelong readers reading
12.17.1998 Money jar teaches math skills math
12.10.1998 Listening leads to learning oral language
12.3.1998 Anticipating meaning in reading reading
11.19.1998 Teaching gratitude attitude
11.12.1998 Keeping active all year exercise and motor skills
10.29.1998 Read to your child reading
10.22.1998 Estimating pumpkin seeds math
10.15.1998 Change in weather science
10.8.1998 Family pen pals writing
9.24.1998 Fun with language oral language
9.17.1998 Number awareness math
9.10.1998 Learning geography through music social studies
9.3.1998 The school-home connection parent involvement