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        Did you know that a child matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister is 52% less likely to skip school? They also have three times fewer dropout rates. The success of mentorship is not always so encouraging. Big Brothers/Big Sisters works because of a program design that has evolved over 100 years. As a Big, you know that Big Brothers and Big Sisters are more than just mentors. Bigs enter a Little's world while also exposing their Littles to see a world outside their community.

     Big Brothers/Big Sisters success can be attributed to hundreds of people like you who make a commitment to helping one child have a better life. As a Big you spend time with your Little doing all sorts of things. Most often you probably think of the time you spend together as fun. As you are building a relationship, remember that you have the potential to influence your Little's life in a profound way.

     You will be a person to whom a Little looks for modeling of reading, writing, science awareness, conflict resolution, healthy eating, character building, social skills, and the overall sense that learning is a lifetime adventure. Children learn from example, and you are that example. 

    We hope that this booklet will help you to see that teachable moments are available all day long, from arranging a time to meet for an outing to reading street signs on your way home. Your involvement, enthusiasm, and interest in your Little's academic readiness can make a huge difference in her or his school performance as well as in their future life after graduation.

 On behalf of the children and families in our program, we want to thank you for your time. We wish you well. - Holly Gold, MSW, Program Director, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of San Francisco and the Peninsula